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Brugger HX15
Wood Chipper

This shredder is designed for both private and professional use, thanks to its high-quality construction and strong driving force, even heavily loaded material is no problem!

The following features distinguish the Brugger HX15 wood chipper:


  • Maximum branch thickness: 15 cm

  • Feed opening: 20 cm x 20 cm

  • 25 HP Rato petrol engine

  • Hydraulic infeed (infinitely adjustable)

  • Dimensions: 3470 * 1390 * 2280 mm

  • Weight: 700 kg

  • Width flywheel: 40 mm

  • Diameter flywheel: 660 mm


The Brugger HX15 can quickly and easily process branches and logs up to 150 mm in diameter into 2-4 mm chipping chips.


The chipper is powered by a 25 hp Rato gasoline engine and the hydraulic intake can be adjusted continuously.


Thanks to the purely mechanical operation, the shredder requires very little maintenance, and repairs can be carried out quickly and easily.

With a weight of 700 kg, it is compact despite its power and can be transported quickly and easily to the site of operation thanks to the trailer coupling.


Technical specifications






    Gasoline engine

Gasoline engine:

    Rato 25hp gasoline engine

Maximum log diameter:

    150 mm



    3470 * 1390 * 2280 mm


    700 kg

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