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Our Machines

Discover our extensive range of powerful machines for forestry and processing of logwood.

Firewood Processor

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Wood Chipper




Our Bestsellers

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Brugger SA27 PRO
firewood processor

With the Brugger SA27 Pro firewood processor, logs with a diameter of up to 48 cm can be quickly and easily processed into firewood.

Thanks to 20 tons of splitting pressure, even the strongest hardwood trunks give way!

Brugger BS31 Sawmill

The Brugger BS31 Pro Sawmill is a simple log band sawmill with which logs of up to 76 cm can be processed quickly and easily into lumber.

The BS31 is now also available in the Pro version with eclectic height adjustment, digital display, adjustable knife guide, and many other improvements that make work easier


Spare parts for Brugger machines

Do you need a spare part for your Brugger machine quickly?

No problem! Our customers receive Spare parts within 72 hours.

Care was taken to ensure that the machines are constructed from as many standard parts as possible. So you can find many spare parts locally if it has to go even faster!


Customer Reviews

Patrick M.

"With the SA27, processing firewood becomes a breeze. Reliable and easy to use. I am absolutely satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone."

Customer Pictures

We use

Quality parts from the best brands

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