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Brugger Wood Chippers

Brugger HX12 
Wood Chipper

The place of the smallest model in our product family is secured by the HX12. It is powered by a robust 14 HP Kohler gasoline engine. This small yet powerful chipper processes logs up to 120mm in diameter.

Brugger HX15 Häcksler (1).png

Bruggers HX15
Wood Chipper

The Brugger HX15 quickly and easily processes branches and logs up to 150 mm in diameter into 2-4 mm chippings.


With its 25 hp Rato petrol engine and infinitely variable hydraulic intake, it does not give way even with heavily lumped material.

Brugger HX16 Pro
Wood Chipper

Our largest model in the product group is the HX16 Pro. It handles logs with diameters of up to 16 cm with ease.


It is powered by a powerful 35 hp Rato gasoline engine and also features a no-stress automatic that prevents the engine from stalling in case of overload.

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