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Brugger SA27 firewood processor

With the Brugger SA27 Pro semi-automatic firewood processor logs up to 48cm in diameter can be quickly and easily processed into firewood.

The automatic firewood processor is characterized by its simple but well-thought-out design.

It does not require an electronic control system and is operated purely by mechanical components.
This makes it highly
low-maintenance and repairs can be carried out quickly and easily.

Brugger Machinery SA48 Pro (36)-min.jpg

20 tons of splitting pressure!

Thanks to 20 tons of nominal power, even the strongest hardwood logs give way!

Ash, beech, and oak can also be split without any problems.

Brugger Machinery SA48 Pro (37)-min.jpg

Different drive types

The SA27 Pro is offered with three different drive types. 

    • 14hp Kohler petrol engine
    • 9.5kW 400V electric motor
    • PTO drive

Brugger Machinery SA48 Pro (21)-min.jpg

Hydraulic operation

Thanks to the improved Pro version, the
Chainsaw and the log clamp are lowered hydraulically.

Connections for accessories such as log lifters or chain conveyors are installed.

Brugger Machinery SA48 Pro (43)-min.jpg


48cm maximum diameter

Trunk diameters of up to 48 cm can be processed.

Work logs up to 6m

With the optionally available chain Table or log lifter, also long logs can be processed.

Log length up to 55cm

The billet length can be continuously adjusted from 15 - 55 cm.

5-8 M3/H

With the SA27 Pro, up to 8 rm can be processed per hour. The best results are achieved with the additional chain Table

Technical specifications






    Petrol, electric or PTO

petrol engine:

    Kohler 14hp petrol engine

electric motor:

    9.5kW 400V

split knife:

    4, 6, tray

splitting forece


saw chain:

    Full chisel, 3/8, 1.5mm 77 pcs.

max. diameter:

    48 cm

Forward/reverse speed:

    8 sec.


    22 inch / 55 cm

log length:

    15-61 cm

Chainsaw speed:

    8000 rpm

Infeed table, 1.8 m:


Conveyor belt, 3.2 m:


Weight approx:

    830 kg

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