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Brugger PX180 Pro shredder

The Brugger PX180 Pro drum shredder is designed for professional use. Thanks to its high-quality construction and strong drive power, even heavily knotted material is no problem!

It can easily process trunks with diameters of up to 18 cm. The chipper is powered by the power take-off shaft, which requires at least 50 HP.

The machine is low-maintenance and all points, such as belts, drums and knives, are easy and quick to reach.

The PX180 Pro can be attached to any three-point hitch in category CAT1 or CAT2.

The shredder was built according to the latest safety standards, making it a safe and reliable machine for daily use.


PX180 Pro chipper

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80 - 130

PS tractor



from. 9,485 + VAT

No stress automatic infeed

The PX180 Pro also has a no-stress automatic infeed system, which prevents the tractor from becoming overloaded.

Maximum security!

The PX180 Pro was built according to the latest safety standards.

Own hydraulic system

The integrated hydraulic system eliminates the need for a connection to the tractor hydraulics, improving operation and flexibility.


Brugger PX180 Pro

- No-stress infeed

- Diameter up to 18cm

- Weight 650kg

- PTO speed: 540 rpm

- HP tractor: 50-130 HP

- Three-point mount: CAT I + II

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Technical data




Power requirement:

Maximum trunk diameter:



Feed opening




50 - 130 HP


Hydraulic, No Stress

540 rpm




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  • What is the price for the firewood processor, can it be delivered?
    Please contact us for a customized, non-binding offer. We deliver our machines throughout Europe.
  • How is the firewood processor delivered?
    In order to save our customers high shipping costs, the firewood processor is delivered partially assembled. This means that the complicated parts such as the engine, hydraulics, etc. are already assembled. Both conveyor belts, as well as the axle and cladding parts, still need to be attached. Detailed assembly instructions with pictures for each step are included with your order. With two people, the assembly takes about 5 hours.
  • Do I have a guarantee on the machine?
    Of course, as a private customer you receive a 2-year warranty on all machines and as a business customer you receive a 1-year warranty.
  • Can I inspect and test the machines?
    Please feel free to contact us, we are sure to have a customer or dealer in your area. Otherwise, the machine can also be tested directly at our company by appointment.
  • Where can I get spare parts?
    We have all spare parts in stock and these can be ordered quickly and easily via our website. The required parts will reach the customer within 3 working days. Care was taken to ensure that as many standard parts as possible were used in the machine. This means that many spare parts can also be purchased from local dealers.
  • Would you recommend a chain table or log lifter to make work easier?
    If a log lifter or chain conveyor is used, logs with a length of over 5 m can be processed (in the basic configuration a maximum log length of 2 m is possible). If you have a crane, loader, forklift or similar, we would recommend the chain conveyor. This allows multiple logs to be loaded at the same time, eliminating the need to lift each log individually. The log lifter and the chain conveyor cannot be used at the same time.
  • Is a combination of drive types possible?
    Yes, the version with a petrol engine or electric motor can be combined with a PTO drive.
  • What is included in the basic equipment?
    The basic equipment of the firewood processor includes: - Infeed conveyor belt - Pivoting ejection conveyor belt - 4-way splitting wedge - Firewood sieve
  • Which hydraulic oil is needed and how much?
    40l hlp 46 hydraulic oil is required.
  • Is the version with a pivot drive identical in construction?
    No, the PTO version has no chassis and is mounted directly on the three-point linkage. Furthermore, the PTO variant uses an intake chain instead of the conveyor belt.

Why BRUGGER is the right choice for you.


Manufactured under strict quality controls


You get a 2-year warranty on our machines


Your satisfaction is our top priority


Get spare parts for Brugger machines within 72 hours

More than 500 satisfied customers


"Mr. Brugger takes care of all concerns immediately and gives valuable tips on all matters. The firewood processor works excellently, has a very good price/performance ratio and saves a lot of time. I can only recommend the Brugger company and this machine."

Jacob S.

"A top machine, great price-performance ratio, easy to use, works perfectly, top company, friendly, competent, simply top"

Thomas K.

"With the SA27, processing firewood is a breeze. Reliable and easy to use. I am absolutely satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone."

Patrick M.

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